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Translation Costs

Are you concerned about giving your documents to a new translator? A document into which you have placed huge hopes and efforts, not to mention budget? We understand where you are coming from. Choosing an interpreter/translator should be the start of a beneficial professional relationship.

It will be our pleasure to send you an evaluation of your translation projects taking into account the language requested, number of words, delivery date and level of technical difficulty. All these elements need to be taken into consideration to determine the best solutions to meet your requirements and your budget.

Interpretation Costs

Interpretation fees are calculated based on a daily rate according to language combinations, the type of interpretation (conference, consecutive, accompaniment), the degree of complexity and any travel costs involved. We do business, as much as possible, with local interpreters to reduce expenses for travel and accommodations.

Contact us by email, telephone or fax, and let us know your requirements. We will get back to you immediately with a full range of solutions. We offer a detailed breakdown of expenses. Our prices are reasonable, and we have an excellent service guarantee. Describe your projects and needs to us and we will be happy to answer you quickly with a free evaluation.

For a quote or a request for information, contact us by email and don't forget to attach your file.


" Do you need interpreters for a last minute conference?"


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