Joseph Blain Inc. – Custom Solutions

Revision services are available for all of your documents:

  • Technical Guides
  • Instructions
  • Technical drawings
  • Brochures
  • Manuals

We ensure rigorous quality control of all your written texts and the proper use of language both for meaning and for grammar.

Services include:

  • Transcriptions of recordings in text version
  • Revision and proofreading
  • Adaptation of advertising to suit the cultural context of your market
  • Verification of logos and trademarks in a number of languages
  • Indexing and revision before publication
  • Web site revisions
  • Verifying the consistency and accuracy of your text, including the use of proper nouns and capitalization; verifying quotations

If you're working with tapes in a foreign language, we can offer you a transcription service or direct interpretation in the target language.
Contact us for a free evaluation of your copywriting projects.

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