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Take advantage of comprehensive translation services today.

Translation Services in Montreal

Professional translators

In the age of technology and globalization, translation and interpretation processes are evolving rapidly while remaining complex. They must therefore be entrusted to cultivated, passionate and competent linguists, experts in their field of terminology.


At Joseph Blain Inc. in Montreal, the translation service of your documents is entrusted to professional, educated, enthusiastic and competent translators. Our translators are experts in their respective fields.

Expert in Communication for Over 30 Years

In the age of technology and globalization, translation and interpretation processes are rapidly evolving and remain complex. Therefore, they must be entrusted to cultured, passionate and competent language professionals who are experts in their field of terminology.


A graduate of McGill, Sherbrooke and Ottawa universities, Joseph Blain, understood early on the crucial role that languages would play in the advent of communications and adopted an approach that brought together all the elements required for high-performance service. 

A language specialist, Mr. Blain is now supported by his daughter, his son and a network of nearly 200 language specialists.

A Vast Network of Translators in Montreal

With the support of its network of translators in Montreal and the rest of Canada, Joseph Blain Inc. translates documents from one language to another while respecting the original document's content, text, and style, regardless of the type of document being translated. Joseph Blain Inc.'s translators can also perform linguistic revision of previously translated documents or adapt modules and technical documents into another language.


Translation of an Official Document?

Get in touch with our translators.

Technical Manual?

We offer professional translation services for technical manuals.

Get Your Certificate Translated Today!

Joseph Blain Inc. will get it done in no time.

Translation of Legal Files?

Ask us how we can translate all types of legal documents.

In a Rush?

Call us to book an interpretation service.

Looking for a Proofreading Service?

Joseph Blain Inc. will provide you with editing, proofreading and transcription services in Montreal.

Our Specialties

Finance field

Professional training

Human resources

Legal field

Certified translation of legal documents




Professional associations



Urban planning and development

Travel and tourism

Museum and heritage

Union and associations

Our translators are selected with the utmost rigour according to their field of expertise, experience and profile, to guarantee you a consistent and high-quality translation. Whether you require translators for a legal, technical or financial document, our team will be efficient and flexible while maintaining a high level of confidentiality.

Our Clients

Justice Québec
Relations Internationales et Francophonie Québec

Interpreters to Help You Communicate Effectively in International Settings

Joseph Blain Inc. in Montreal also has a vast network of qualified interpreters with solid experience in consecutive or simultaneous interpretation, multilingual communications and typing. Whatever the nature of your activities or business trips (conferences, conventions, meetings, business fairs), we can provide you with interpreters who are ready to assist you in your work, regardless of the source or target language.


Each interpreter is specialized in a specific field and therefore has a perfect command of the vocabulary related to the subject and the nature of your service. For example, our interpreters are competent in the business, legal or scientific fields. By accurately rendering the essence of your speech, an interpreter will enable you to communicate effectively with your clients on an international level.


Thanks to its vast network of qualified translators and interpreters in Montreal and most major Canadian cities, Joseph Blain Inc. can offer fast, quality service while respecting the deadlines set by its clients.

 "Joseph Blain was personally involved in the simultaneous translation services used during John Paul II's visit to Canada."


"Respect for our employees and our clients is at the heart of our values."


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