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The certified translation of an official document, sometimes wrongly called a “sworn” translation, is a document translated by an approved translator who certifies that the translation is consistent with the original document. This gives the document official value in the eyes of government authorities.


At Joseph Blain Inc., our translators attest to faithful translations from original documents. A Commissioner of Oaths administers oaths to translators. You can therefore be sure that the translations we provide are reliable and comply with the standards required by the competent authorities.


Request a free quote for a certified translation in Montreal or elsewhere by submitting the document to be translated by email to

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Why Request a Certified Translation?

Certified translations are often required for documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, work certificates, driver's licenses, etc. and business documents such as contracts, agreements, minutes, etc.

By using our certified translation service in Montreal, you can be sure that your documents are accurate and comply with legal requirements.


Trust our certified translation service today!

Get a Certified Translation in Montreal

Talk to our certified translators for a free estimate on our services.

How to Get a Certified Translation

  1. Submit the document: Send us a clear copy of the document you wish to have translated. Please ensure the document is legible and complete to ensure an accurate translation.

  2. Evaluation: Our team will evaluate the document and provide you with a detailed quote, including certified translation costs.

  3. Professional translation: Your document will be translated by competent experts in the corresponding field. Each translation is carried out with attention to detail.

  4. Certification: Once the translation is completed, we will affix our certification seal, attesting to the accuracy of the translation following the required standards.

  5. Delivery of the document: Once the certification process is completed, we will provide you with the certified translation ready to be used in your official procedures.

On the Same Page, Word by Word

We can translate all types of documents, such as technical manuals, distribution contracts, reports, user manuals, training modules, human resources services, and more, so feel free to contact us directly with all your questions.

We provide solutions to meet your certified translation needs, whether your company is in Montreal, the Free Trade Area of the Americas, the European Union, or elsewhere. We serve large corporations, industrial manufacturers (OEMs), technology sectors, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and banking or financial companies. We offer certified translation services in English, French and many other languages. We regularly work with First Nations, human rights, and non-profit organizations in Canada.

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