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When language interpretation services are required for national or international conferences, Joseph Blain Inc provides on-site conference interpretation with professional qualified interpreters and simultaneous interpretation equipment.


Our services are mainly intended for organizations, businesses, and institutions. Interpreters are available for a full range of services, including:

      Simultaneous interpretation

      Consecutive interpretation

      Written communications

      Writing and editing

      Remote conference platforms

      Interpreting equipment

Interpreters are available for simultaneous interpretation in Montreal and major cities across North America. We provide a wide range of conferencing platforms, infrared transmission and recording systems.

For a free quote, submit the document to be translated or the description of the conference event (simultaneous interpretation) by email to Or fill the form on this page.

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The Joseph Blain Inc. team is composed of professional and certified translators and interpreters. We offer linguistic services using the latest technology in this field. Our conference interpreters ensure a faithful and simultaneous translation of the speaker's words as the intervention progresses. Our role is to reproduce orally and correctly the speakers' speech in the targeted language to allow the participants to understand the message transmitted and exchange without restraint.


Simultaneous interpretation services are helpful for activities and events such as professional meetings, diplomatic talks or conferences. 


Joseph Blain Inc. provided simultaneous interpretation services to:

  • several public agencies and government departments

  • union organizations

  • companies operating in various industrial and/or entertainment sectors

  • academic, educational, health and arts organizations

  • non-profit organizations

  • religious and advocacy organizations

  • medical organizations

  • scientific organizations

  • law firms

At Joseph Blain Inc., our conference interpreters not only master one or two languages but also ensure they know the technical vocabulary related to your line of business. Conference translation is an excellent option for fluid communication between parties during diplomatic meetings, commercial exchanges or business meetings.


Hire us to guarantee the success of your conferences and events thanks to the professionalism and skills of our conference interpreters in Montreal!

Simultaneous Interpretation Service in Montreal


Conference Interpreters Available in Multiple Languages

Working from a soundproof location, the interpreter listens to the speaker using listening platforms and reproduces the message almost instantly in the target language using built-in microphones and headsets. Always striving for your satisfaction and a job well done, we have distinguished ourselves by the quality and professionalism of our services. We provide translation services mainly into French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Russian.


Our mandates generally last from 1 to 5 days, but can extend over a longer period of time depending on our clients' needs. Our mandates take us throughout Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, mainly in Ontario and Nunavut. Don't hesitate to contact us to take advantage of the knowledge of our conference interpreters in Montreal and across Canada.


Simultaneous Interpretation (SI) Equipment

  • Interpretation Booths

  • RF Interpretation Consoles for two language combinations

  • Relay Function for additional language combinations

  • Integrated Microphones and Transmitters

  • Belt Pack Headsets with 6 channels for different languages


Court Interpretation Equipment

  • Portable transmitters 

  • SI receivers

  • Portable systems may be used for court appearances, small executive meetings and even in site visits to manufacturing facilities, trade shows training workshops

Language Professionals Specializing in Simultaneous Interpretation

Whether it's a conference, training, or business meeting, you can be sure to get the right message across. We also offer a video remote virtual interpretation service. Do not let the language barrier be an obstacle to the development of your activities.


Whether for educational or administrative needs, we listen very carefully to provide assistance and facilitate communication. We transcribe with accuracy and clarity, taking into account the innuendoes, the humorous traits, and the message conveyed.

Request a quote by contacting us, by phone or by email.

Be Understood by Everyone

With Joseph Blain Inc, cultural messages are never lost.

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