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Interpreters are available for a full range of services, including:

      Simultaneous interpretation

      Consecutive interpretation

      Written communications

      Writing and editing

      Remote conference platforms

      Interpreting equipment

Interpreters are available in major cities across North America, and we provide a wide range of remote conferencing platforms, infrared transmission and recording systems.

For a free quote, submit the document to be translated or the description of the conference event (simultaneous interpretation) by email to

The Joseph Blain Inc. team is composed of professional and certified translators and interpreters. We offer linguistic services using the latest technology in this field.

Simultaneous Interpretation Service in Montreal


Simultaneous Translation

Working from a soundproof location, the interpreter listens to the speaker using listening platforms and reproduces the message almost instantly in the target language using built-in microphones and headsets.

Language Professionals Specializing in Simultaneous Interpretation

Whether it's a conference, training, or business meeting, you can be sure to get the right message across. To learn more about the different interpretation services offered by Joseph Blain Inc, visit our page on the subject.

Request a quote by contacting us, by phone or by email.

Remote Translation

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to meet the needs of businesses, a new type of translation service has emerged: remote translation. This service can be required by business and private clients during Zoom conferences or other video calls. When you need translation for an event via Zoom, it is necessary to purchase the Pro version with the additional fee that allows interpretation in one or more languages or work with a translation agency that already has the Business or Enterprise version Zoom.


Suppose you don't want to worry about the technical aspects of a remote interpreting event. In that case, you can count on our experienced translators and technical teams to take care of the entire event management.


Remote translation, video conference interpreting (VCI) and tele-interpreting are services offered by Joseph Blain Inc. as part of our ongoing commitment to keep up with our clients' translation needs in a constantly changing world.


Contact us now to discuss your remote translation needs.

Be Understood by Everyone

With Joseph Blain Inc, cultural messages are never lost.

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