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4 Situations Requiring the Services of a Professional Interpreter

A meeting with several people sitting around a table

The interpreter translates a speech from language A into language B for an individual or an audience out loud. With the globalization of markets, their services are becoming more and more of a necessity. Here are some situations where you should use one of our interpretation professionals at Joseph Blain Inc. in Montreal.

1. A Negotiation Do you want to partner with an overseas company to distribute your products? Make sure the negotiations go smoothly with a consecutive interpreter, who listens, takes notes, and then plays back the speech after a certain amount of time. In this case, after your potential partner has presented his proposal, for example. 2. A Conference A well-known figure is visiting the city and giving a lecture, but his or her language is not spoken fluently by professionals in the area? An interpreter - usually in a booth with headphones and a microphone - can provide the translation within seconds of the audience. This is called simultaneous interpretation. 3. An Interview Have you landed an interview with a celebrity or specialist but don't understand the language? A form of consecutive interpretation should suffice in such cases. The interpreter will translate your question, then your interviewer's answer and so on. 4. An International Meeting The managers of the different subsidiaries of your company located all over the world meet every month? If not everyone speaks the same language (there are English speakers, French speakers and maybe a few people who speak Spanish, Italian, Arabic, etc.), the interpreter will make sure they are on the same page. Suppose your meeting is via video and you are physically alone. In that case, you may want to use "whispering,” a variation of simultaneous interpretation where the interpreter whispers the translation into your ear. A television appearance, a debate, a training session, a conference, a factory visit... there are many occasions when an interpreter can be beneficial! At Joseph Blain Inc., located in Montreal, we can translate from and into English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and other languages at your request. Contact us for more information regarding our interpretation services or to request a free quote.


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