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The Advantages of Virtual Interpretation

Do you need a professional interpreter to assist you at your next conference or international event? Thanks to the evolution of communication technologies, it is now very convenient to opt for virtual interpretation during professional meetings and conferences.

Based in Montreal but servicing clients throughout Canada, Joseph Blain is your expert of choice for all your translation and interpretation needs. In this article, we will show you the advantages of virtual interpretation for professional conferences of all kinds.


Accurate Interpretation

Unlike software and tools such as AI programs, a conference interpreter not only translates speeches and texts but can also convey subtleties such as the tone and intent of speakers during their interpretation. Thus, a conference interpreter can offer an accurate virtual interpretation beyond a simple translation process.


Unbiased Interpretation

In-person as well as with virtual interpretation, a conference interpreter remains unbiased to accurately capture the essence of texts or spoken words. A professional interpreter never lets their opinions and prejudices influence their interpretation. Therefore, you can be sure of the integrity of the translated texts, especially in an official or professional context. In addition, professional interpreters attach significant importance to confidentiality.



Thanks to technology, virtual interpretation promotes communication with a broader audience, even for participants or speakers located in different geographical areas. This allows interpreters to provide real-time translations, even to an international audience.


In addition, virtual interpretation makes conferences more accessible for participants unable to travel for health or mobility reasons.


By offering virtual interpretation at your conferences, you also communicate to your partners and participants your desire to create more inclusive spaces for all. This can help you create new professional connections and increase your company's credibility and reputation.


Reduced Costs

Virtual interpretation means you no longer need to hold multiple face-to-face conference sessions to reach a wider audience. All you have to do is record a session, which you can then share with your audience. Organizing face-to-face conferences can be expensive, so virtual interpretation is not only a convenient alternative but also less costly.


In addition, there is no need to purchase or rent any special equipment for a virtual conference. Your interpreter will only need a microphone and a pair of headphones, which they will provide.


Quality Virtual Interpretation Services

Trust the team at Joseph Blain, based in Montreal, for your translation and virtual interpretation needs. To simplify communication at your meetings and conferences, our experienced interpreters put their many years of experience at your disposal to provide fast, efficient, and professional services.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and request a quote.


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