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How to Choose Your Professional Translator

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Do you have a document or conference to be translated? Joseph Blain Inc. has professional translators and interpreters at your service in Montreal and most major Canadian cities. To learn about the advantages of working with a competent translator rather than a computer tool and to find out how to recruit the best candidate, read on.

Why Pay for a Translator Instead of Using Free Software? Some translation software (e.g. Google Translate) can help you if you want to decode a simple text written in a foreign language roughly. However, these programs are inadequate for translating a document intended for publication, whether online or in print. Words that are misinterpreted by a software program can make a document somewhat unintelligible. In English to French translation, for example, if you translate the word "nail" as "ongle" instead of "clou", the sentence loses its meaning. The same is true for translations into all other languages. What Should I Consider Before Hiring a Professional Freelance Translator? Before hiring a translator, check that the translator meets the following requirements:

  • Have several years of experience;

  • Translate into their native language;

  • Ensure a work speed that is neither too slow nor too fast (about 2500 words/day);

  • Offer translation rates that are not abnormally low.

If you are interested in a candidate, give him or her an initial assignment to test. When you receive the translated document, show it to the author of the original text and to someone who is fluent in the language of the translation; their comments should help you make the right choice! Why Should I Hire a Translator Who Is a Member of Joseph Blain Inc. Network? An experienced translator masters the vocabulary and jargon specific to different fields. Within our network, our translators working in Montreal and elsewhere in Canada are specialized in:

  • Official document translation;

  • Translation of legal or financial documents;

  • Translation of certificates;

  • Translation of technical manuals.


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