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Legal Translation: What You Need to Know About This Specialty

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Translating a certificate, technical manual, or any other type of official document requires special skills and knowledge. In this article, we present one of the services offered by several of our excellent translators at Joseph Blain Inc: legal translation.

An Expertise Reserved for Professionals with Legal Knowledge Do you have a legal document to be translated? Hire a translator who knows his stuff! The field of law has a highly specialized technical vocabulary, and the subtleties of its terminology are often complex. To fulfill their mandates, legal translators must have a legal education, generally at the university level. In addition, the expert who has to translate a legal text must have a thorough knowledge of the terms used in the language of origin (source text) and the language of translation (target text). These terms, moreover, vary according to the legal systems of the different countries (e.g. French Law and Anglo-Saxon Law). Therefore, the goal is not to translate the text in an "identical" manner but rather an "equivalent" manner. Believe it or not, this ability is not afforded to everyone, even less to translation software (even the most sophisticated)! The essential skills and qualities of a legal translator Within our network, we have several experienced legal translators with the following skills and qualities, among others:

  • Superior analytical mind;

  • High intellectual curiosity;

  • Ability to use various specialized linguistic tools;

  • Attention to detail;

  • Broad general knowledge.

Legal review: an essential step for an impeccable result At Joseph Blain Inc., our experienced translators can also revise and correct documents translated by other professionals. There's no better way to avoid errors and misunderstandings that can have serious consequences! Find Your Legal Translation Specialist with Joseph Blain Inc.! Contact our team if you are looking for a translator for a contract, a law, a judgment, or any other legal text. Moreover, since they have access to confidential documents as part of their mandates, our OTTIAQ-certified legal translators are committed to exercising exemplary discretion. Need a commissioner of oaths? We can put you in touch with one of our experts. Thank you for your trust!


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