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What are the various forms of interpretation?

Interpretation has many benefits for individuals and businesses. It enables you to communicate and improve relationships locally and internationally. Would you like to benefit from the expertise of an interpreter? At Joseph Blain Inc. in Montreal, our team provides simultaneous, consecutive and videoremote conference interpretation services. Read on to learn more about these different forms of interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation

As the name suggests, simultaneous interpreting means that interpreters faithfully translate what is said from a source language into a target language in real-time with only a few seconds of delay. This form of interpretation is practiced from a soundproof space where the interpreter can listen to the speech with concentration and translate using a microphone and an integrated headset.

Because it doesn’t create a time lag that could prolong an event, simultaneous interpretation is ideal in situations like conferences, professional meetings or diplomatic talks, where a person speaks for a long time.

Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive interpretation requires the interpreter to make annotations during a speech so that they can reproduce the message in the target language between speakers or at the end of the event. Unlike simultaneous interpretation, it doesn’t always require specific technical equipment. Consecutive interpretation is preferable for shorter speeches, such as a welcome address or a smaller-scale conference.

Virtual interpretation

Virtual interpretation, also called remote or videoconference interpretation, can be done either simultaneously or consecutively. This process is carried out on a virtual platform and enables the translation of various speeches without requiring the participants or interpreter to travel for the event. Virtual interpretation is often a less expensive option for many, regardless of their location.

Other forms of interpretation

Interpreter services are easily adaptable to a client’s needs. Whispered interpreting places the interpreter alongside one or two listeners to translate a conversation at low volume. Liaison interpreting is like the consecutive approach but more suited to events like work meetings or guided tours where the spoken passages are shorter. Telephone interpreting uses a telephone loudspeaker and is suitable for negotiations with foreign customers and suppliers.

Would you like to hire the services of an interpreter for an upcoming seminar, congress, conference or meeting? At Joseph Blain Inc. in Montreal, our conference interpreters can provide simultaneous, consecutive or virtualinterpretation, plus various other services like writing and editing. Contact us to request a quote and receive more information.


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