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What Are the Qualities Required of a Good Conference Interpreter?

Based in Montreal, Joseph Blain helps you overcome language barriers at conferences, training sessions and business meetings. These services include the presence of an interpreter at your conferences, either in person or remotely, whose role will be to translate the speeches and exchanges of the speakers in attendance from one language to another. To ensure that this process runs smoothly and that the various subtleties of the translated messages are not lost at any point, it is important to call on the services of a qualified interpreter. They need to have qualities such as:


1. A Good Command of Languages

This includes linguistic details, cultures, and customs so that the interpreter can effectively convey the subtleties of the dialogue.

2. Good Memory

The interpreter must be able to keep entire sentences in mind while translating in real-time.

3. Good General Knowledge

A good interpreter constantly studies a wide range of subjects and keeps abreast of current events to cultivate rich and diverse vocabulary and lexical fields.

4. Good Stress Management

Since interpretation and translation generally occur quickly and in real time, a good interpreter needs to be able to control their stress and separate their attention to stay focused on their work.

5. Professionalism and Objectivity

A good interpreter does not let personal sensibilities, opinions and judgements influence the meaning of their words when interpreting information presented by a speaker.

6. Good Voice Management

The voice is an essential tool for an interpreter; taking good care of it is crucial.


The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Conference Interpreter

  • A professional conference interpreter will inspect the conference site before the event and thoroughly check the sound equipment and systems to be used.


  • They will consider the room's layout to choose the best location to carry out their interpretation work.


  • Before the event, they will ensure that they have done the necessary research on the presenters and the theme of the conference for an effective and accurate interpretation job.


  • A professional interpreter is always ready to respond quickly to participants' needs and can easily adapt to last-minute programme changes.


  • Because translating a conference is fast-paced, a professional interpreter is trained to always do a quality job, even under pressure, and always with courtesy and professionalism.


Choose Joseph Blain in Montreal to benefit from the services of our conference interpreters. We also offer virtual interpretation solutions and a wide range of translation services.

Need an interpreter for your next conference in Montreal? Contact us to learn more.


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