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5 Reasons to Avoid Using Computer Translation Tools

Keyboard with a blue key with the word "translate" written in white.

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) programs are the subject of much debate and questioning. At Joseph Blain Inc., we believe that these tools are not sophisticated enough to translate documents correctly. In this blog, we present 5 arguments against the use of translation tools. Enjoy your reading!

1. Computer Programs Don't Detect Expressions in a Text Who has never raised an eyebrow when reading an expression translated literally by a software program? For example, the equivalent of "rire jaune" in English is "to laugh on the other side of your mouth" and not "to laugh yellow"! Only an accurate, live translator can avoid this kind of error in meaning translation. 2. Translation Tools Do Not Master All Grammatical Rules Each language has its grammatical characteristics. However, many translation tools do not respect them completely, which sometimes results in sentences with strange, indeed questionable, structures. 3. Electronically Translated Documents Are Often Unintelligible Product descriptions and instructions translated word for word by computer software can be spotted at a glance (see the "Huh?" column on the website). Many are even impossible to decipher! In these situations, pictures are certainly better than words... 4. Texts Translated by Software Harm Your Image Considerably If you are looking to expand your client base by translating your communication tools, for example, be careful. A poorly translated document is anything but reliable - and no one likes to see their native language "butchered"! 5. Translation Tools Don't Understand the Subtleties of a Language Wordplay, humorous lines, hints, nuances, subtextual or cultural references: only a translator with a great deal of knowledge can adapt a text to make it interesting and digestible for the reader. In marketing and creative writing, this is a must! Are you looking for someone to translate a technical manual or an official document (certificate, legal text, etc.) in Montreal or elsewhere? At Joseph Blain Inc., you have access to nearly 200 language specialists, including several experienced interpreters and translators. For results that meet your expectations, avoid translation tools with limited performance and rely on our know-how. Contact us for a free quote!


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