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The 5 Essential Qualities of a Translator According to Joseph Blain Inc.

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At Joseph Blain Inc., we are recognized for the excellence of our translation services for all types of documents (certificates, legal texts, technical manuals, etc.). To carry out the contracts entrusted to us, we rely on hand-picked professionals. Read this blog to discover 5 qualities of a translator that are among the most important to us.

1. An Excellent Translator Is Thorough A translator who is unsure of the meaning of an expression or the definition of a word will never try to "cut corners" and thus risk changing the importance of a sentence. To offer an exemplary service, they use every available tool to find the right words. 2. A Reliable Translator Meets Their Deadlines (without Neglecting Quality!) A person who promises you a translation by a specific date but "stretches" the deadline for days could give you grief... Also, when a translator boasts of delivering the goods at lightning speed, you should be aware that the quality of his or her work may leave something to be desired! 3. An Experienced Translator is Interested in Many Fields A professional translator keeps his or her knowledge up to date and constantly expands his or her vocabulary in various fields (finance, computers, health, etc.). Curious by nature, they regularly consult multiple sources of information (newspapers, magazines, Internet sites, etc.). 4. An Effective Translator Uses the Best Tools Available Dictionaries, grammar books, specialized publications: a translator who takes his job seriously creates a personal "toolbox" to make the most accurate translations possible. A translator whose library contains only books that are more than 10 years old? That's pretty scary! 5. A Good Translator Translates into Their Native Language Granted, some translators (bless their hearts!) manage to juggle from one language to another with fantastic ease. However, to obtain impeccable results, nothing beats a translation into the translator's native language. You want to translate a text from French to English? Entrust the mission to a bilingual professional... who speaks English at home! At Joseph Blain Inc. we give you access to a vast network of translation professionals. Whatever your needs, we will make sure to provide you with results that meet your expectations. Call us to learn more about our many services!


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